Life @ NES

Safety & Security

At NESISM we create a safe and positive learning environment for our children and take measures to promote their welfare on a day to day basis. To that end, our teachers are trained to provide a secure and supportive atmosphere for the physical and emotional well-being of our children. All staff receive training annually to safeguard the children from abuse.

In order to ensure secure learning environment, the school offers:

Supervision of play areas at break and lunchtimes
Regular practice of emergency procedures including fire drills
External CCTV monitors
Staff to supervise arrival and departure times
Students leaving the school premises during the school hours with gate pass
Strict monitoring of online behaviour
Visitors to School with a badge

In the interests of students’ security, all visitors are required to report to the security office and then reception. The visitor is given a visitor badge. Those without the official badge will be requested to leave a picture ID. Visitors are restricted to the areas in which they have a meeting. Strangers will be challenged by the staff.