Balanced diet plans

NESISM Dietician imparts dietary advice to students and quality checks the cafeteria food and hygiene, regularly.

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At the outset I would like to thank you and the team NES for putting the remote learning session together for the kids. Despite a few teething issues, it was very engaging for them. Personally, I have seen a lot of changes in Fiona. She is usually a very shy child and does not open up very quickly. Even when a question is asked to the class, she does not speak unless specifically asked (even if she knows the answer). Somewhere, she was overshadowed by the outspoken kids. Now, with all the encouragement by the teachers, she raises her hand whenever she wants to share something with the class. Even on the UOI - Balanced Life Style, she has reflected very well. Now every time before popping in a biscuit or cookie, she asks “is it healthy?” We would say NO! She grins and asks mumma can I have it. She does Yoga with me every morning and also teaches me different yoga postures.

For such a small child to have this sort of understanding of healthy and unhealthy, good and bad, is amazing!

Today when one of her classmates was narrating a story (using her hands), she felt like sharing her story with the class. She raised her hand and when given a chance she narrated the story Vinny and Virus impromptu..(with no practice). Connecting with the current spread of the pandemic.

Look forward to seeing many more such positive changes in her...

Dimple (M/o Fiona Malde Grade 1)

Dear ma’am,
I would’ love to share the feedback about the online remote learning as well as the UOI Starting with online learning it’s a great way to overcome this pandemic issues as kids are not missing their studies and enjoying as well . Also as a parent it’s a lovely experience for me as I m able to see and understand the way school teaching functions and I am truly satisfied with it !! As a mother of a reserved child I feel hiyana is able to develop through these sessions as you all teachers are giving equal opportunities to all children to express and answer which is a great job on your part. About the UOI I have observed Hiyana has been consciously trying to make efforts to eat healthy food more and also keeps asking me about the pros and cons of all the food prepared . Also she advises the family to eat healthy and to make correct choices She even tries to discuss to set the menu for the day which I feel is great and we all love her inputs.Numeracy:She even keeps seeing the clock and will inform us about the time and the working of clock . Literacy: she is taking keen interest in reading everything which she is able to read and also we play name place animal thing game with her for better practice of nouns and vocabulary which she also enjoys Overall I see her loving the ongoing topics and relating well to it!

Niyati Thakkar
(M/O Hiyana Thakkar Grade 1)

Today's water color was a learning plus fun activity. Dev liked it so much he was experimenting with all colors and decided to not write with white crayon and use crayon later on. Sending you a picture.

He also loved the writing on rice activity all my grains in the kitchen are being used .. but who is complaining ..I am definitely not ..glad to see him enjoying this.

Thank you so much for making the learning an interesting and fun experience for the kids.

Meghana Ghatnekar
(M/O Dhruv G. Foundation Class)

Ananyaa is very excited about the current uoi topic air. As soon as she came home she explained the entire experiment of candle and jar. I thank you for making learning so much fun for Ananyaa and developing the qualities of a thinker in her with such experiments.
Thanks a lot!

Parent of Ananyaa Aggarwal, Grade 1A

Ishaan has been enjoying school. He has been singing the ‘Healthy and junk food’ song that they have learned in school. He thoroughly enjoyed the spelling bee conducted by Principal sir last week. He loves the space videos that they watch during break times. He has explained how Pluto’s orbit crosses into Neptune’s, how the atmosphere scatters the sun’s rays during sunset and sunrise to make the sky look red

Mother of Ishaan, Grade 1C

I am grateful for all the wonderful things the school and Tanvi Teacher are doing for our son Noel. He is growing extremely intellectual and physically active by the day. We loved both the grammar fest and sports day arrangements. Lot of trouble was taken. The school and his teacher have been working very hard to make him good, better and eventually best.

Mother of Noel Verdes, Foundation B

I am happy to see how Shiven has been taught the UOI ‘Rainforest’ and ‘Needs and Wants’. He understood it very well that he came home and explained the same to us. I like how he is interested in his studies and he comes home and shares the same. Once again thank you to the homeroom teacher and NESISM School for putting in so much effort towards our child.

Parent of Shiven Chimnani, Foundation B

The progress and development of Dishita has always been overwhelming. I have always had good results from her. Thanks to the homeroom teacher who has taken care of her not only in her studies but also her behavior and habits. Great thanks to the NESISM team.

Parent of Dishita Mamgain, Foundation B

My daughter has shown positive development thanks to the training and learning she is receiving at school. She is willing to help people, she even helps me and her father in our everyday activites. It is amazing to see how she is practically applying her learnings from school in her daily life. We are quite happy with her conduct and would like to sincerely thank her teachers and the entire management.

Mother of Urja Kothari

Myra by now has completely accustomed and adjusted to the routine and culture of NESISM. I am very delighted to notice that she has taken the least time to adjust in the school. She speaks with a lot of pride about her school in front of the family. We are looking forward to learn and grow together.

Parent of Myra Kabadi, Foundation B

Improvement in Parini’s confidence is reflected at home. She has started opening up and mingling with others. She tries to read different words and enjoys the same. She has evolved as a good sports person. She discusses a lot about the topics taught to her in school.

Parent of Parini Shah, Foundation B

Dear Teacher,

It was great to see how Arhan has started noticing his surrounding and reflecting for the same. I think he had been asked to share with his parents in school. We are glad that he is communicating with us the same.

Yesterday we went to the airport to drop someone and he notices bottles and papers thrown near the dustbin. He mentioned that it should be thrown inside the bin and separately in different bins like plastic , can etc.

Even he showed me the recycling symbol printed on the back side a grocery bill receipt and told me see mamma it means this paper could be recycled.

I feel proud that Arhan is learning so well and has started implementing the same.

Parent of Arhan Jain, Grade 1

First and foremost would like to thank all of you for all the efforts you have taken to make these online sessions a success. We all know how difficult it is to handle so many kids at one go and that too not being physically present in front of them and still making them sit through the lessons by making the learning process interesting for them , but you all did it with so much of dedication ....Hats off to you all! I can't thank you all enough to keep our kids engaged in these difficult times wherein they all got to interact with their friends and teachers.

Gargi Sharma.
(Parent of Shivaansh Sharma - PYP 4)

Resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult events in one's life. These events can include war, famine, and abuse. Right now, all of us are going through very trying times, and must learn to build up our resilience. Situations like these can result in anxiety attacks and an increase in stress. In order to cope, I try and keep myself as busy as possible. Online school has helped me do so by taking up a large portion of my day is spent in a productive manner. Apart from that, I relax by sketching and painting. I also learn new things, and I read a diverse range of books. Having a hobby or learning something new can really help one during the pandemic, as is taking care of yourself. Finding calm and peace can really help!

Ananya Saran (MYP 5)

Being an IB student, it is important for us to work hard and stay motivated as our workload and courses sometimes get the best of us. Amidst the times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it has been even more difficult to stay motivated, not only as a student but also in general. The school really helped us through this process by setting up frequent sessions with the counsellor, Meghna Ma'am where we discuss how to stay motivated, optimistic, resilient and productive during this time. Her recommendations of following a disciplined lifestyle motivated me to start my day at 6:30am every morning instead of rushing through my entire day because of waking up late. I am additionally trying to follow an active lifestyle by exercising and working out at least 3 times a week, which doesn't only get my blood pumping but also helps motivate me throughout the day and boosts my mood. I really appreciate all the advice that Meghana Ma'am has given us and I am extremely grateful for the school to set up these sessions.

Kalika Patil (IBDP - 1B)

This unfortunate pandemic might have caught us off guard, but it’s not surprising that our Founder - Principal, R. Vardarajan Sir has made it easier for us. We, the student leaders, along with the NESISM community of teachers are exploring the possibility of virtual learning with much cooperation and interest. What would’ve otherwise been an unexplored option, is the reason we’re gaining knowledge and communicating with the teachers at ease during this lockdown. At the click of a button, we’re able to learn like never before, in ways we never thought we’d experience. Online schooling and virtual classes have made sure we are not behind on any portion and every student is still able to fulfill their part as a knowledgeable individual. This has become part of our lives and kept us busy and productive. None of this is possible without the help and thoughtfulness of the NESISM teachers and staff, especially our beloved Founder- Principal and Head of School. I, as a student leader of NESISM, believe that I’m privileged to be able to learn during this ill-fated period, and I speak on behalf of the student community when I say so.

Bhavna Rao (MYP 5)

This is just a little appreciation mail for the wonderful school management who have been taking out time from their busy schedules and arranging online session and webinars for us. I would like to thank everyone who is trying their level best to make our learning super fun even in this not so good situation around the globe.

I would like to thank the entire school faculty for putting in so much effort for us during these hard times. The school has been off but our learning hasn’t, all thanks to Principal sir, Head of school and faculty Members. I’m extremely grateful and wanted to acknowledge how beautifully the school has managed to help us in this arduous time.

Really appreciate the proactive steps taken by The NESISM Team in organizing Online Classes, Assignments, Webinars & Counselling Sessions for the Children in these difficult times.

Vidya Kenia (Parent of Kush Kenia MYP 5)

The virtual learning for the students was a great initiative by the School and proved that nothing can stop the children from learning. I would like to thank Founder Principal Sir, Head of School and the school faculty for such a great effort to continue the learning process for the student leaders.

Anjali Sachade (Mother of Ansh Sachade MYP 4)

The online classes initiative taken by our school has proved to be highly fruitful as students are able to stay on track with the vast DP portion; a genuine worry for many of us. Personally, I found TOK classes the most engaging and fun because the whole DP1 batch is able come together to have interesting, in-depth discussions about various areas of knowledge and ways of knowing. Additionally, teachers have the ability to create breakout rooms wherein students can work effectively in groups with limited distractions. I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I am very pleased with this format of teaching and learning as the online classes encourage active student participation, clear communication and doubt solving as well as becoming more tech-savvy individuals!

Joann Stanley, IBDP 1C

As a parent who has been a part of this institution for a long time, I was thoroughly impressed by the efforts taken by the teaching and non-teaching staff. For me, the best part was the online career counselling session that cleared many of our doubts that had been lingering in our minds. The lessons were very organised and I can tell that the teachers did their best to teach in spite of these circumstances.

Mrs Belgotra, (mother of Eshupriyeh Belgotra)

One morning when I woke up to attend school when this pandemic was not as severe as it is now, we received an email saying there will be no school for a couple of days. I was anticipating a long holiday honestly, but to my surprise the teachers had it all figured out they conducted an orientation session on zoom and the very next day we were sent a timetable and the sessions began. Personally, I find no significant difference between the online classes and the classroom lessons except for the literal aspects like physical presence of course, in fact my experience so far has truly been great, our classes have been very productive, we have covered all the units we were supposed to and recently had a test as well. Additionally, what I appreciate the most is that the school also organizes other wellness sessions such as counselling wherein Ms. Meghna (our counsellor) addresses all the mental health related problems we could possibly face, we also had a guest lecture by Dr. Prabhakaran, a research scientist who explained to us the scientific aspect of COVID-19 everything from its structure to how it bonds to the plasma membrane of the cell and much more. Not only that, on Mondays we have workout sessions with the school coach and yoga on Wednesdays. Subject lessons are no less, recently in business management, Ms. Lata (BM teacher) divided us into groups and assigned us the task of designing creative methods to revise a couple of units for the upcoming test, but we found ourselves complaining because of how restricted we were, yet surprisingly we did get very creative, for instance to revise cash flow we played kahoot, to revise sales forecasting we played a virtual board game designed by one of the teams, and so on. The point is online classes have been great so far!

Valentina Misquitte (IBDP 1)